20 December 2014

He lost his life Businessman Özyıldız

Diyarbakir and the elders of the family of well-known family of Özyıldız and Diyarbakir Deputy Governor Taner Bircan businessman father in law lost his life in the hospital treated Alishan Özyıldız.

Diyarbakir and the region's well-known and the elders of the family of the loved counted Özyıldız family business man Alishan Özyıldız, receiving treatment for a long time in Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital, died last night.

While the news of the death of a family alişanözyıldız flock to hospital, family was destroyed almost. Alishan Özyıldız's cousin came to the hospital in Diyarbakir prominent businessmen in St. Kadri was destroyed almost Özyıldız. Alishan Özyıldız, also Diyarbakir Deputy Governor of the beech was Father Taner Bircan.

Funeral from the hospital in the morning Özyıldız, After the afternoon prayer at the Grand Mosque after the funeral prayer was buried in the family cemetery Mardinkapı. In addition to the family as the funeral of Diyarbakır Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Deputy Governors, Chief of Halis Böğürc, Mufti was nimetullaherdoğ, AK Party Chairman Aydin Province ALTAC, Bonds AK Party District Chairman Hüseyin Patches, Some public institutions managers, Representatives of Civil Society Organizations, trades and relatives attended.

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